Oct 27

Allies and Sources

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Art Deco in Louisville Kentucky? Oh, yes, absolutely. Jim L. Patterson has been busy documenting forgotten Art Deco in his neck of the woods, including public buildings of the 1930s in Columbus and Cincinnati and Nashville, with its selective Deco ornamentation. At the very least check out his Rene Paul Chambellan page for many great photos of the sculptor’s work.
At Texas Escapes editor John Troesser has taken on the task of explaining Texas — luckily, it’s online, allowing for quick changes, because Texas is (as you’ve heard) both on the large side and a moving target. We’re trading information about surprising sculptural work on Texas court houses, Raoul Josset, Pompeo Coppini, and other things.
George Gurney topped our list of researchers to contact; George is the author of a great and thorough book about the architectural sculpture at the Federal Triangle, he happens to be the Chief Curator at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and he’s been friendly, encouraging, and helpful to this project.
Our friend Romy Wyllie has written a new book about Bertram Goodhue. If the world were run properly Goodhue would be known as America’s greatest architect of the 20th Century (and by the way a central figure in our work). Don’t believe it? Too obscure? Let Romy convince you.