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7 bold buildings designed by women

buildings designed by women

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics UU., Full-time architects in 2016 earned 20 percent less than full-time male architects. And the fact is that while almost half of architecture school graduates are women, only one in five becomes an authorized professional, which is largely due to lower salaries and fewer career opportunities women …

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School of architecture and student loans

architecture school

The architecture school is expensive and often requires additional years of study beyond a traditional undergraduate program: the five-year B.Arch is a common route. Make no mistake, we are in the middle of a student loan crisis. This is not going to be a political debate on the state of funding in higher education. On …

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The Beautiful of Venus Sculpture

Birth Of Venus Sculpture Artwork In other continent some of ancient age people believed in goddess Venus and made her statue and sculpture in African and well knew was Venus sculpture from Africa or African Venus sculpture, really odd and strange, why people from Africa sculpt her figurines, I really don’t know about it, maybe …

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American – The Price of Architecture


In the United States, around 40 million people currently have student debt. This is a population that is greater than that of many countries. Although, in the last 14 years, the average salary for young people has decreased by 10%, student debt has increaased by almost 500%. For most Americans, getting educated means having a …

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Woodmen Accident and Life Insurance Company

Woodmen Accident and Life Insurance Company (1953-1955) 1526 K Street, Lincoln, Nebraska Martin Aitken of David & Wilson, architect Lawrence Tenney Stevens and Erwin Goeller, sculptors medium: Indiana limestone The Protecting Hand! Part of the story is the location, across the street from the State Capitol, a location that demanded a strong hand. And part …

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Nebraska State Capitol

17 Lawrie_figures

Nebraska State Capitol (1922-1932) 1445 K Street, Lincoln, Nebraska Bertram Goodhue, architect Lee Lawrie, sculptor medium: stone All courses in American architectural history should start here in Lincoln Nebraska, which is just as corn-fed and friendly and Midwestern and flat as your imagination suggests. Lincoln is a capital city and a college town of a …

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Masonic Temple, Lincoln

26 MasonicTempleLincoln0

Masonic Temple, Lincoln (1935) 1635 L Street, Lincoln, Nebraska Edward G. Schaumberg and Harry W Meginnis, architects sculptor unknown, based on a drawing by Elizabeth Dolan medium: sandstone This attractive tan colored sandstone and brick deco building contains a somewhat enigmatic panel over the main entrance showing the three stages in the life of a …

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First-Plymouth Congregational Church

14 Omaha_Church_5

First-Plymouth Congregational Church (1931) 20th & D Streets, Lincoln, Nebraska Harold van Buren Magonigle, architect Angelo Tagliabue, sculptor medium: terra cotta The carillon tower carries four integrated sculptures of authors of the four New Testament gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, set into a brick tower. Each figure, if you could call them figures, is …

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Central High School, Omaha


”’Central High School, Omaha”’ (1912) 124 N 20th Street, Omaha, Nebraska John Latenser, architect sculptor unknown medium: likely marble A massive Beaux-Arts structure with a sculpted pediment in one wing, atop of set of frothy Corinthian columns, and three acroteria echoed on the cornice. A central allegorical figure (Minerva, possibly) in the pediment presides over …

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Joslyn Art Museum

Joclyn Museum

Joslyn Art Museum (1931) 2200 Dodge St, Omaha, Nebraska John and Alan McDonald, architects John David Brcin, sculptor medium: Georgia pink marble The ”’Joslyn Art Museum”’ was designed and built in 1931 by John and Alan McDonald, with a Moderne re-design performed midway through construction by Omaha architect and teacher Herschel Elarth, and is notable …

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Omaha Union Station

small 21 ous inside

Omaha Union Station, now the Durham Western Heritage Museum (1931) 801 South 10th Street, Omaha, Nebraska Gilbert Stanley Underwood, architect sculptor unknown medium: terra cotta Inside, it’s a legitimate shiny Art Deco marvel. Outside, this steel-frame railroad station has elaborate stone screens, sculpted eagles, an inscribed quote from Lincoln, and four not-too-well-modeled emergent railroad worker-figures …

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Allies and Sources

36 Cleve_fed_Bldg_5

Art Deco in Louisville Kentucky? Oh, yes, absolutely. Jim L. Patterson has been busy documenting forgotten Art Deco in his neck of the woods, including public buildings of the 1930s in Columbus and Cincinnati and Nashville, with its selective Deco ornamentation. At the very least check out his Rene Paul Chambellan page for many great …

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The Authors

21 einar

Einar Einarsson Kvaran, “art historian without portfolio,” has been photographing and writing on architectural sculpture for some 25 years, including two decades of original research into his favorite architectural sculptor, Corrado Parducci. Einar lives, works, and maintains his formidable library in Dixon, New Mexico.     Walt Lockley was born in Texas, educated from the …

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The Market for This Book

12 Greco Deco use

As part of the effort to find the right publisher for the Field Guide, we’re identifying potential markets and channels for the book in the real world. The market has a practical bearing on the scope and content we’ll be able to include. These are our results so far — this is an ongoing effort. …

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Samples (Nebraska)


You might think that architectural sculpture in America would be concentrated in New York, Washington, Chicago, Detroit. That’s right, much of it is. Largely rural, beautiful in ways urban centers can never be, the state of Nebraska would not seem to be an interesting or fruitful place to look for architectural sculpture. But we chose …

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Scope, Shape, Contents

39 Ann_Arbor_News_5 printing

Scope, Shape, Contents Scope In geographic scope the Field Guide will cover the United States. As you’d expect, most architectural sculpture appears in New York and Washington D.C., but there is significant and valuable regional work, and the Nebraska samples on this website demonstrate great stuff in apparently-unlikely places. Most, but not all, of the …

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Joslyn Sculpt


Why This Book is Important


The book will be a Field Guide to Architectural Sculpture in America, a survey and discussion of buildings across the country. This research has never been attempted before. Even leaving out gargoyles, memorials and cemetery work, for another day, our research has found a wealth of material, 1000 American buildings with significant sculpture. They range …

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Omaha Union Station Picture

omaha union station

Union Station in Omaha, Nebraska, as of now utilized as an exhibition hall, has been reestablished to its previous radiance. The station was given by Union Pacific Railroad to the city of Omaha in 1971. Both the inside and outside are grand.  

How You Can Help

09 PhilMusArtPed32

If you’re interested in this project, interested in a specific bit of sculpture or photograph here, if you’re possibly interested in buying a copy of the field guide when it comes out, please take the time to drop us an email. We’re collecting the responses to demonstrate the size of the potential market. Your email …

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A Field Guide to Architectural Sculpture in America

05 big lee lawrie los angeles public library

This website describes an upcoming book called By Einar Einarsson Kvaran and Walt Lockley. This book will guide readers through the examples, histories, techniques, and social context of architectural sculpture, across the United States, and the stories of the sculptors and carvers who spent their blood, sweat and tears creating it. There’s plenty to talk …

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