Masonic Temple, Lincoln

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Masonic Temple, Lincoln (1935)
1635 L Street, Lincoln, Nebraska
Edward G. Schaumberg and Harry W Meginnis, architects
sculptor unknown, based on a drawing by Elizabeth Dolan
medium: sandstone

This attractive tan colored sandstone and brick deco building contains a somewhat enigmatic panel over the main entrance showing the three stages in the life of a Mason. It begins on the left with a young adventurous boy, protected by a Guardian Angel, who then grows into a man, shedding his clothes in the process but gaining a team of very rambunctious horses. In the last stage the man, now supported by a cane and accompanied by a winged Babylonian looking lion, gazes off into the future.

The panel is crowned by a shallow pediment containing a sunburst. Bands of deco syled decorative details surround the entrance and can be found elsewhere on the building. They contain images of bee hives, five-pointed stars, compasses and other Masonic esoterica.

Inside the building are 10 murals by local artist Dolan based on Biblical and Masonic themes, each of them six feet square. The Masonic iconography was handled by a Dr. David H. Hilton.

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